Story of the "Black Men"

After a time, he [the Innuit ] went again to the ship with his dogs and sledge.  He went on deck, and a great many men -- black men -- came right up out of the hatch-way, and the first thing he knew, he couldn't get away.  These men who were then all around him, had black faces, black hands, black clothes on -- were black all over!  They had little black noses, and this Innuit was very alarmed because he could not get away from these black men, but especially he was frightened when they made three great noises [three rounds of cheers as Too-koo-li-too thinks these great noises were].  When the great noises were made, the Esh-e-mut-ta (Captain) came up out of the Cabin and put a stop to it, and the black men all went down the same way they had come up.  This Innuit believed these men belonged down among the coals and that they lived there. Then the Captain took this Innuit down with him into his Cabin & made him many presents, for he (The Innuit) had been frightened so. Before the Captain took him down into his Cabin he told this Innuit to take a look over to the land, the Captain pointing out to him the exact spot where there was a big Tupik (tent).  The Captain asked him if he saw the tent, & the Innuit told him he did.  Then the Captain told him that black men, such as he had just seen, lived there, & that neither he (this Innuit) nor any of his people must ever go there.  After the Innuit had received the presents that the Captain made him, he left the ship & went home; & he would never go to the ship again because of the frightful looking black men that lived down in the Coal hole.