Selected Canadian literary treatments of the Franklin expedition

• 1965, Gwendolyn MacEwen's poem, "Terror and Erbus," first broadcast by the CBC as part of its "Sunday Night" programme.

• 1981, Stan Rogers, "Northwest Passage."

• 1988 Martyn Godfrey, Mystery in the frozen lands

• 1989, Mordecai Richler, Solomon Gursky Was Here

• 1994 Rudy Wiebe, A Discovery of Strangers

• 1999, John Wilson, North With Franklin: The Lost Journals of James Fitzjames

• 2003, David Solway Franklin's Passage (poetic cycle)

• 2006, John Wilson, Across Frozen Seas

• 2007, Elizabeth Hay, Late Nights on Air

• 2007, Stephen Heighton, Afterlands

• 2008, Dominique Fortier, De Bon Usage des Étoiles (English translation, On the Proper Use of Stars, 2010).

• 2014, John Wilson, Graves of Ice

• 2016, John Wilson, Lost

For a complete international bibliography of Franklin-inspired literature, look here.


  1. And Graves of Ice in 2014. I really should get myself a life!

  2. Ah, thanks John, I'd forgotten to add that. The Franklin story is an endless font of inspiration, both in fiction and nonfiction!